Recipe of the Week: Allergy-friendly Passover

Passover began at sunset on March 25, but if you still are planning your meals for the next eight days, never fear! We found these three allergy-friendly recipes (depending on your or your family’s allergies) to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the traditional meals of Passover, even if you already had your first seder. We admit, we picked one dessert, a breakfast dish (depending on when you eat your brie) and one side dish, but they just looked so good we couldn’t resist.

Vegan and gluten-free stuffed potatoes
If you’re looking to put a unique spin on your potato dish this holiday season, these potatoes are the ticket. With plenty of spices and almost a stew-like quality, not only will this look gorgeous in its serving dish, but each bite promises to just melt in your mouth.

allergy-friendly passover recipes, vegan passover, vegetarian passover, matzah recipes Dark chocolate, coconut banana vegan matzah brie
Like the recipe admits, during preparation, this dish may not be the prettiest meal you prepare this Passover season, but it may be the most mouthwatering. After drizzling the chocolate and adding banana on top, it will be difficult for anyone to resist this brie, even the carnivores at your celebration.

allergy-friendly passover recipes, vegan passover, vegetarian passover, kugel recipes Allergy-free sweet noodle kugel
If someone in your family suffers from an egg-allergy, this foodie spent A LOT of time researching how to make a sweet kugel just right without having to add eggs (we thank you!). In addition, this recipe is free of dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish, shellfish and gluten and she makes sure all ingredients are available at Whole Foods or online at – awesome!

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